Medical Mechanica on the shores of Lake Emepherea

Welcome to TwistedMUCK!

Twisted is a text-based role playing game where anything can happen. Players find themselves in a world where anime, video game, and comic book characters can live and interract. The world of Twisted was created as a safe haven from the chaotic wastelands that surround it and acts as a multiverse hub where people and places have been taken from their original worlds and connected as a large multi-themed location. Ever wanted to escape from reality behind the eyes of your favorite character or live out fantastical adventures with characters you've created yourself? Now's your chance.

For more details about the places and people of Twisted simply visit our website or log on and speak with any of our helpful staff. Remember, there's a million stories to be told. It's up to you to write yours...

All previous website features can be accessed --here-- for the time being. Some of these pages are being rewritten or dropped completely. Only information featured on this main page should be considered up-to-date.

Pages recently updated: [ Application* | Using the Player Editor | Staff List | World History ]
* Updated to include power scale
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