What was once a peaceful world with a troubled history is no more. Conflicts collided, fate interviened, and the world was destroyed. People from all points along the time line soon found themselves arriving at the End of Time confused and disorientated. One by one they climbed the stairs to the pillars of time and looked out over what was left of their world.

Broken and distorted, the planet had become a mesh of locations no longer bound by order, time, or even logic. What remained of the troubled mind that caused the event rest inside a fearsome tower reaching high into the sky on the horizon.

It has been said that when there is a will to survive, life will find a way. Already settlements have begun to appear, proving that statement to be true. Can the citizens of this new world restore the order of time and rewrite the very fabric of reality? Can the villan be brought to justice? ...and what of the powerful, yet mysterious new appearances from the effects of the collapsed timeline?

Only time will tell...

In response to the number of suggestions, questions, and complaints the world of ChronoMUCK was taken down and reinvented. Taking full advantage of our world's unique backstory and the ever apparent influences of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross we've created a world where you can literaly be anyone you can imagine. The restrictions are simple, become a part of this new world. It's a world of dragons, machines, demi-humans, and magic. With the overlapping timelines new conflicts and new concerns are abound. We hope you'll join us in this new world we've created. The future of the world is in your hands...

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