If you've been sent this page, then you probably know me already. If not, well... let me say I'm a huge fan of the Doom series, and always have been. The word 'obsessed' has been used once or twice. This page is ment to share that obsession with my close friends, and if your here that now means you too.

Just remember that Doom is the property of id Software. I hold no ownership claims to the material on this page and in most cases I don't even remember where I got most of this stuff from. If you own the material on this page and want proper credit or wish to see me hang and demand I take it down, please email me at marr0wproductions@gmail.com and I'll try to repair the damage done immediately. Until that time comes, however. Enjoy.

Just a note, the image above is another example of why I've lost track of the original content creators of the materials on this page. Not only have I obsessively tried to amass as much as I can from the Doom series, but I've also done more than my share of modding and mixing and matching mods found in various places into the ones you see on this page. The image above was edited by me, thus the Doom I logo and not the Doom II. The logo itself comes from the Doom Hires Texture Project (where a number of similar images on this page originated) and the background image is from a copy of the Doom II poster that I found on Google which someone had made into a desktop background.

UPDATES - 11/02/2013

Recently I've found myself helping to organize evenings of playing Doom where we go through either one of the original map packs, or we load up a custom one - and lets face it. It's a pain in the ass sometimes to get a group of people together with exactly the same setup so there isn't any conflicts. Because of that we have this box below. Follow the intsructions and you'll have exactly the same build of Doom I'm currently running - usefull if you're one of those people I'm playing with and we don't want to spend a half hour playing the "what's causing the conflict" game.
Actual files hosted here to avoid conflicts. Make sure the file names match - some browsers try to change the extensions to .zip
add any .pk3 to the Zandronium/Skins folder to avoid setup:
Version numbers don't matter here

UPDATES - 02/21/2013

Despite all my praise for the Doomsday Engine, I've had to move onto a different port for my Doom-ing. Why? Brutal Doom. Violent, bloody, comic-referencing, action-packed Brutal Doom. It doesn't work on Doomsday so I've had to search for a new engine. I'm currently finding Zandronum being my favorite alternative for it's online play and mod compatibility. Of course that also means I have to have my music, and that means a GZDoom-compatible pack!

Nosaj Music Pack [GZDoom] (234 MBs)
I've also been playing a lot of Doom 64 thanks to Doom64 EX. From our tests so far it runs great in multiplayer. You'll have to find an actual Doom 64 ROM file to play it, however.

Aside from that I've been testing out a lot of old maps and map packs in Brutal Doom as well as a few other GZDoom mods. A few links are below if you want to look into them too.

13 Years of Doom Map - Original Download
WolfenDoom TC for Doom 2
PSX Doom [includes specific GZDoom build] (109 MBs)

UPDATES - 09/07/2012

This page is old, older than I'd like to admit - but then so is Doom. Due to this I'm going to keep the section below for archival purpose and add new materials in this area here. The following are updated .pk3 files which will work in the latest version of Doomsday. Just download them to the Snowberry addon folder. Version numbers are in the file name.

Nosaj Music Pack (234 MBs)
PSX Music Pack (127 MBs)
PSX Sound Effects Pack (1.61 MBs)


The horrible Marvel Doom comic's one and only issue presented as a comic reader file. I highly recommend Comic Rack to read it.

Doom Comic (5.13 MBs)
Blood On The Walls

Possibly one of the first "shareware" song recording. The long lost Blood On The Walls track by the Manny Charlton Band. You can read it's very intresting story here, or visit the band's website here.

Blood On The Walls MP3 (4.83 MBs)
The Doomsday Engine

Probably one of my favorite things in the world. Brings the original Doom Engine screaming into modern days with easy update/modification support. Honestly I'm not too fond with it's recent change to the Snowberry Frontend, so here's the best of the pre-Snowberry versions. Wad files NOT included.

Doomsday Engine version 1.8.6 Installer (2.16 MBs)
Nosaj Enhanced Music Pack for Doomsday

This ambitious Doomsday Mod combines roughly four years of hunting down music and continuously switching in and out tracks to create my own personal soundtrack to the Doom series. All tracks are coves or remixes of the original music from such sources as Doom 3 Classic, The Darkside of Phobos, Delta-Q-Delta, the Playstation Doom OST, and possibly many more. I've lost track over the years...

Nosaj Enhanced Music Pack (234.03 MBs)
Playstation Mod for Doomsday

I can't even begin to tell you where the files contained in this mod originated. The PSX version of Doom differed from the original by featuring (amoung other things) a new ambient soundtrack and soundeffects which where also used in Doom64. The quality of sound files are the highest I can find. Contained are instructions for using only the sound effects -or- the music.

Playstation Mod (128.98 MBs)
Nosaj Modified Doom Resource Pack

Unless I screwed this up while extracting the files from my own copy of Doomsday, this should be all the combined graphical mods that I've merged together. Everything from the Highres Texture Packs to Environmental Conditions, Lighting, and even models. (There's a note inside about the models.) Just unpack and enjoy! ...if I did screw it up, let me know so I can fix it.

Nosaj Modified Doom Resource Pack (128.98 MBs)
The Four Doom Novels

I go out of my way to collect the original Doom Novels, and what happens? I found out a year later that someone's put the entire series online for some reason I can't fathom. It's probably not legal, but that likely won't stop you from taking a glance at them. These aren't stored locally, so if ID or whomever pulls them down don't ask me to put them back up.

The Four Doom Novels (Read Online)