"In this day and age, injustice runs rampant. In a world of free people, darkness and dispair rain down upon us from the heavens, crushing our hopes and causing our fears... The gods have forsaken us, because we have done nothing of late to merit their grace. We must come to the aid of the pure, and liberate the innocent.

"In a land where the law is twisted to evil and selfish ends, in a world where the good is squezed out of it by greed, where nature is perverted to the point of instability, this is where we must make our stand. The majority is naught but an endless procesion of fools. By virtue of a strict moral code, enlightened minds and free flowing intelligence we have the right, and by such we will have the power. None shall denie our truth, for it is pure... It is the will of free minds saying, "NO!" Join us and we will turn this whole fucking world upside down! This is not a fucking joke, this is our love of the "ideal" and "irrational ranting."

"As of now, we are helpless. But lend us your strength and we will have the means. WE CAN'T ALLOW THEM TO RAPE OUR EXISTANCE!!! We need your words, your love, your hate, your thoughts, your sound, your visions of the absolute. We will be remembered, we will change the world. When the shit hits the fan we shall stand fearlessly in the face of tyranny and speak the truth!

"In our quest for the truth beyond the apparrent, we would appreciate your philosophical and religiouse views. We need warriors and magicians, we need philosophrs and debaters... In short, give us all you got, cuz we need a mirical!"

~James Teel (November 20, 1999) "If ya don't like it, bite me."

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