One of the greatest albums ever to fade into obscurity. Here lying before you is a rare chance to claim that album for yourself! HURRY! Before the Masters of Skuntry catch on and shut me down! (Which, by the way, only involves an email sent to marr0wproductions @ so get this while you can.) [Update: 8.23.2010 - YAY! Chris King Approves!!]

Actualy, this is up here for, and I dedicate this page to, all the people that shaped my past. This music became an unofficial soundtrack the summer that I met alot of the oldest friends I have and for that reason I wanted to pass this on for a new generation to grow up to. I've even included the booklet (or what passed for it) so you can print it out and make your own copy. If you don't understand just remember: Enormous Richard Answers All Your Questions.

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  • 01 - Afraids
  • 02 - Planet Granite
  • 03 - Ernie's Stuck In The Lights
  • 04 - Support System
  • 05 - The Hill
  • 06 - People In Pairs
  • 07 - Tamp The Fucking Driveway, Richie!
  • 08 - My Morbid Self-Absorption
  • 09 - New World Order Man
  • 10 - Been To The Fair
  • 11 - Freezer Full Of Meat
  • 12 - Hole In My Record Collection
  • 13 - War On Drugs
  • 14 - Edwin Bricker
  • 15 - The Chemistry Song
  • 16 - I Feel Crummy

  • Download the booklet here! 2872x1408 - HUGE!

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