Vol. XX No. 01 Feburary 10, 2020

Catching Up And Moving On

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That's right folks, you're not crazy. I'm actually updating the Shrine of Akira's News for the first time in approximately sixteen years! Let's talk about where we've been all this time, shall we? The Shrine of Akira was developed to kill time. The website became a hub to find ways to do this in the company of others. It was something I spent a great portion of my life doing and enjoying but as life became more hectic, something had to fall to the side. I'm sorry it had to be the Shrine. I had to raise a daughter. I took on numberous projects to keep myself sane. I pretty much abandoned drawing, something which early followers of Akira may remember was one of my major passions. But look how things change. No, seriously. Look how things change. The Shrine isn't really needed much anymore when wasting time is as easy as pulling out a phone. MMOs, dating sites, Instagram, Tick Tock, YouTube, memes. These are all things that took the place of the Shrine of Akira. So what to do with this fine organization? That's what we're going to be discussing.

Membership numbers: Sadly along with many of my personal belongings, the membership listings I so carefully tended to have been lost to time. I do not know who is and isn't a member anymore. I know we issued out numbers from AK001-AK108. I have a partial list I've put together of those I could, but help is needed to return things to a point where it's useful. Of course, we don't really need them anymore... The Shrine of Akira was originally an experiment to see how well a new religion would take if it where introduced. One of our longterm goals was to find a way to make it actually count as a legit one. TECHNICALLY this goal was achieved. The Shrine of Akira is officially considered a congregation in the Church of the Subgenius. Praise Bob! As such you may have seen me calling myself the Rev.Dr. DarkKnightNNY. This is the reason why. Unfortunetly I can't grandfather in previous members for a variety of reasons, but you know, for just $35...

Also new and improved is Shrine of Akira Radio! Something I've been kicking around for awhile that is currently (Loading...?) and broadcasting. You can access the stream at Please, give it a listen. We have plans for actual content in the coming weeks. Check back for updates!

Now what of the Shrine of Akira itself? I haven't quite figured out how to handle members going forwards. If you're still interested in officially joining you can hit me up via email at and we'll see if we can work something out. I am interested in seeing how many former members still want to be a part of the group, so please feel free to hit me up anyways and let me know who you where. If there's enough demand, who knows how far I'll go at this point! So, sit back, strap in, and welcome back to the Shrine of Akira.

Site Updates

So far I've not sat down to actually update the website. As you can see from this page, it's on my mind. It's long overdue. I took great pride in making our website the most confusing and time consuming it could possibly be and well, it's been a long time since anyone accidentally clicked 800x600 for a screen resolution hasn't it? Phones don't even use that resolution. (Consider that. Last update we still didn't have smartphones yet. x_X) There may be an update brewing. It all depends on time and movitation. This is me officially stating it's possible. For now please feel free to visit the last iteration of the site by clicking the image below:

Totally making this MORE confusing, I'm stealthfully implimenting pieces of an unfinished update around THIS VERY NEWS POST. Thus, by the magic of ignorance, a new website layout might magically materialize around the very statement that it needs to be done! It's like it KNOWS. Watch as it grows and takes root WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO DO ANYTHING!

More Content

In addition to the request for audio, any media is welcome at this point. Back in the day when we where more active we had people submitting everything from rants to poetry. Recipies, art, stories... if you're willing to share, we're willing to throw it on the website. Assuming we get around to that upate mentioned above. It could happen! (Hahahahah!) Assuming there's enough of you out there who want to see more content here.

Radio Broadcasting

I'm still kicking around ideas, as mentioned above, for the Radio Station. If anyone has an interest in creating some programing reach out to me or submit an mp3. What kinds of mp3s? Promos, songs, short sound bites, skits, etc... I'm happy to throw them in the general rotation as long as they're approrpiate for the Shrine of Akira. Come on, we've never been that picky. If you waste the time to make it, we'll find the time to share it.

Artwork Revised

Thanks to the joys of machine learning and fun new resources like Gigapixel, we've managed to embiggen some of the oldest of artwork used as promotional materials for the Shrine of Akira in which no larger scale images no longer existed. Feel free to check them out in their newly resized glory below:

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During our long stint of silence several members new and old tried to put together a gaming blog over on Tumblr. It didn't last very long because interest was spotty at best, but as I'm trying to cram all the updates onto this page I can come up with since the last one, you might as well consider taking a look. If any additional interest develops we might be persuaded to revive it so if you like what you see, old though it is, let us know!

(C) 2020 Rev.Dr. DarkKnightNNY (Jason Skaggs)