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It began almost 10 years ago when the Nightmare/Atmosfear Team was founded. The basic idea was inspired: find all the internet fans of the Video Board Game series and unite them to share information, ideas, and knowledge. The team was small, and it wasn't until The Other Side joined them that things started picking up. Was the site itself the cause? Hell no. It was the fans that did the work. Most noted, however, was the quickly developing rivalry between N/A Team co-founder and Adminsistrator Darkwolff and the Other Side's wanna-be web developer Marr0w. Their works at trying to one-up each other brought more and more information and images to light and thus the N/A Team flurished.

In 2003 the more influential members of the Team got together and worked towards a grand idea: A 'central hub' for all the fan sites as an attempt to create the most organised depository of information ever assembled. With the aid of they achieved this goal and the Well of Fears was born.

However, in late 2004 issues began to conflict with the maintaining of the site. ShadowBQ, the owner of ANSWorld became engaged and thus, due to the strain of pending events lost the server to technicle failures and money problems. Showing his dedication he did what he could and kept the site and it's server going until the early part of 2005 when it mysteriously went down without a trace. Saddly, contact with ShadowBQ became next to nothing following his wedding. With another Atmosfear on the way and tensions high it was decided that something needed to be done...

It was quickly discovered that the server had literally gone up in flames. It was rebuilt, in a matter of speaking, and became Things seemed fine until early 2007. Unforseen error messages and random outages only served to make the Nightmare/Atmosfear Team nervous. Was the end drawing near? As summer drew to a close that year, ANSWorld fell with it. So what now, and what of the Well of Fears? Was it gone for good?