On August 24th, 2006, a man referred to only as "Borg" turned himself into the Lousiville Metro Police Department and confessed to assisting Charles "Chuck" Edwards III in the physical abuse and torture of thirteen vitcims who where found in various states of decay in an area of land on the southern border of the city of Louisville nicknamed "The Petting Zoo." Futher investigation linked Chuck back to the deaths of four teens in Huntsville, Texas who had been missing since 1999.

In the earilier part of this year, the killer began releasing footage of his actions onto the internet as a series of short videos called "Chuck's Zombie Petting Zoo". Surprisingly, no one was alarmed at the seemingly faked torture of the show's victims despite the fact that the events where completly real. On the show's final episode the body of local citizen, Wyatt Ferguson, was brutely beaten and mauled after being tied to a tree. Upon his back it was discovered a note, alegedly written by Borg, which sends the killer into a vicious rage. Supposedly this letter was faked either by another killer, or by Chuck himself, forcing Borg to turn himself into authorities in exchange for protection from his former partner in crime.

In accordance to a slew of legal documents served on the morning of September 10th, 2006 in reguards to the hosted site: Chuck's Zombie Petting Zoo, Marr0w_Productions is forced to announce that this site is closed. However, due to the power of freedom of speech and for the informative views of the users and visitors of this website, the information contained therein has been preserved.

At this time Chuck is still at large, and until the day he is apprehended, this site shall remain accessible to the public despite the fact that it will no longer be updated as a whole.