Upon a pail horse there rode a pail rider. The rider looked at the world around him, falling into the depths of dispare and he laughed. The weak, the helpless, the stupid. They all lived alongside one another, never knowing true fear. The untold horrors around them had grown silent in this age of technological idleness. Humanity had evolved to a point where they only feared the fictional. Reality was treated with an air of indiffrence, as if it had simply become unreal. People became docille, learning about the world around them without experiencing it first hand. The rider rode on until he came upon one of the rarest forms of life - someone who noticed what happends around them. The man looked up at the rider in confusion and asked, "What manner of creature art thou? What brings such a creature to this world?" ...and the pale rider smiled and answered, "I am the angel of Death, and the time for purification is at hand."

The time in drawing near, childeren. Humanity is ripe with the seed of those that no longer deserve the right to live. The filth I'm forced to see day after day has begun to sicken me. I've grown tired of the same shit. Fuck your normailty. Fuck your family values. Fuck your equal rights. Fuck you. Welcome to my hell, bitch. I have returned...
~Chuck 03/19/04