Long before being featured online, Marr0w_Productions made a name for itself creating horrible low/no-budget movies under the names of "Return of the Teenage Son of the Bride of a Zombie" (parts I-IV) aka "The Crap Channel", "Zombie Eat Surburbia", and "Nature Trail to Hell". Despite the fact that these mostly consisted of home-brew music videos and footage of people acting out horror movies without scripts, these led the way to bigger and better projects which also absorbed most of his free time when he had the free time to spare for other projects. In other words... lots of procrastination.

Now, thanks to online video hosting and a few borrowed pieces of recording equipment, Marr0w_Productions is pleased to once again be presenting baddly made videos for public consumption. If you'd like to be in one, simply contact me and let me know! I'm always looking for some fresh blood to spill, uh... I mean volunteers.



<--NOTE: Although these sites do contain alot of the same material, there are videos exclusive to one service or the other. For example, you can only watch the whole "Zombie Petting Zoo" series on Google Video, however music videos have to be hosted on You Tube only.

Marr0w_Productions: the horrid creations of Jason Skaggs.

(aka the Rev.Dr. DarkKnightNNY
and formerly known as marr0w)

He is responsible for a number of random comics, drawings, websites, and videos - most of which can be found somewhere in the depths of this site. Jason has won several awards for artistic talent and is usually eager to collaborate on projects when asked. All of the websites linked to on the main menu of this site where created with notepad and most of them where done without any expectation of payment. If you'd like to consider having a website created for you, please contact him at marr0wproductions@gmail.com