FEBRUARY 27th, 2012
I finally updated the main menu to include links to the previous archived versions of TwistedMUCK. I had to go in and update links and all in the older copies because I'm not really that organized. I prefer to make changes on the fly versus backing up an entire website unless I've got a pre-planned overhaul in mind. However, I have the site from before the reboot/unification and a copy of it afterwards where we never fully figured out what pages we wanted to keep. That's close enough for a version 1/version 2 I think. If I manage to find an older backup somehow I'll update it again to include it.

FEBRUARY 14th, 2012
Getting a bit of wiki-fever, I've officially opened a wiki for TwistedMUCK which replaces the older website. The plan is to port over all the logs from the LiveJournal community and make the wiki a grand momument for everything which has ever happened on the game complete with character bios and npc listings. Probably won't get that far, but it's a fun project!

JANUARY 10th, 2012
Another post with Aaron Crabtree's name in it as we've opened a wiki site for his new game DCAMU*. This replaces the older site that we'd been working on secretly for some time now. While the wiki will still be hosted here, you can now also access it from the new address http://www.dcamu.com. Current wiki theme and layout by me, of course.

DECEMBER 15th, 2011
The store page has been updated to include links to the four stores we currently have of merchandise. Likewise the logo images for both the main store and the CZPZ store have been updated to the newer designs. Behind the scenes Aaron Crabtree's been working with the lead coder of ProtoMUCK to finally update TwistedMUCK's code base.

DECEMBER 14th, 2011
I finally got around to updating all blog-related pages to the new layout. The actual 'blog' portion of the site (with some tweaks to the comic layout) and my own personal LiveJournal. Of course, for reasons I won't get into my LJ is set to private which is why it's missing from the current website menu. I may add my tumbler page sooner or later, but currently that's completely off-site as I'm still not sure what I want to do with it. I have a lot of these things, don't I? I may update the contact page today too. Depends on what kind of mood I'm in over the next few hours. UPDATE: Yep. I updated the contact page too.

DECEMBER 2nd, 2011
It suddenly occurs to me, not only how long it's been since I last updated the main portion of the website - but also that all entries for 2010 are missing from this news page. I'm not sure how that happened. Anyways, took a break from the normal to finally make some major updates to the site layout and finally migrate the main index page to newer code than classic (and cluttered) html with a few php elements thrown in for good measure. I still have a few changes I need to make to finish it up, and eventually I'll need to update all the secondary pages on the site to the new layout, but that's not a major priority for me at the moment. Translation: I'll get to it sooner or later. (hopefully) Previous layout is located at http://www.marrowproductions.com/oldlayout2/. I also updated the main menu and included some links I've been neglecting as well such as the new "hosted" section at the bottom with Bryce's ancient Pheonix Clan page.

FEBRUARY 24th, 2009
Domain change again...Although the old marr0w2 address still works, we've purchased http://marrowproductions.com and we'll be slowly moving everything so it points to the right address in the weeks ahead. There was some missed updates in the past such as the creation of a blog hosted on the server (http://marrowproductions.com/blog), the Well of Fears has a new forum (http://welloffears.smfforfree.com/), and there's been some smaller updates here and there. I'll try to get back on the update wagon somepoint in the near future.

MAY 8th, 2008
Well, after too long a silence I'm mostly back online again! Had to convert a friend's tower into a working server and set everything back up, but better a new host than no host at all. Everything seems to be working but after being down so long I have a LOT of things to update. One thing at a time, I suppose...

Oh, and due to no-ip.com giving away my address to one of those redirecting-search sites we're now http://marr0w2.servegame.com. I'm going to have to look into buying a domain.

OCTOBER 2nd, 2007
The Well of Fears goes down and the Other Side gets updated. More details: HERE!

SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2007
New link added to main page. The non-Subs/Disgruntled comics I've been making are now listed as COMICS on the right-side menu. (http://marr0w.answorld.com/comics/) There's some stuff even DeviantArt hasn't seen in there. Fun stuff. In order to make room on the main page the links have been locked down to a specific size (unlike previously). The code for the comics came off of http://www.designmeme.com/ which has some very neat stuff on it that gave me all kinds of ideas. I might be experimenting with some of these in the near future...

JUNE 24th, 2007
Wow, I really haven't updated anything in awhile. ChronoMUCK's website layout has been overhauled based on user input tonight. For that matter, I redid ChronoMUCK's LiveJournal layout awhile back too, but I neglected to mention that here. Jeeze, I need to get back on the ball again...

SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2006
Yeah, I know. I didn't really leave that picture of Sammy up for very long. I was bored and decided I liked the layout I did for my livejournal better than the one I was using here. So I fixed it. Took me about two or three hours, but I think it looks alot better. Not that it's of any real use to anyone, but the old layout can be viewed here.

AUGUST 11th, 2006
Background change, we've gone from Death and Charon to Sammy because I like that picture! I really need to impliment a random background script. Anyways, I've also opened up a YouTube account at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=marr0w which has a few things that you won't see at Google Video. Mostly because Google won't let me upload anything containing songs or video clips I didn't make myself. Which is understandable, but annoying...

MAY 9th, 2006
Major overhaul done to Chuck's Zombie Petting Zoo to reflect the new projects involving the character. Gone are the ancient tiled backgrounds, the unfinished movie area, the pathetic haunted house, and the adopt-a-zombie area. The site's a bit darker and impliments alot of features experimented on the main portion of Marr0w_Productions (but hopefully put to a better use). There's a shop in the works as the link suggests. Oh, and for those who miss it the old retired site layout is still accessible off the menu here.

MAY 5th, 2006
More videos being posted with alarming regularity. Check the banner at the top for the new VIDEOS link which'll take you straight to the "collection" online. The movie script is growing at a steady rate as well as the amount of footage for the shorter shows as people continue to show support by volunteering as victims. This morning I lost my voice thanks to the work being put into episode 002. Whoo! So, anyways... Watch some videos and remember to let me know what you think. Chuck's website will get an upgrade soon, I just gotta find the time for it.

APRIL 14th, 2006
Been awhile since I updated, huh? Currently in progress is a movie based on the character of Chuck I've been portraying for quite some time. We have a work-in-progress video clip available for download on google. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8556241780780058089 Once the film is completed we'll be making a video board game based on the piece. Anyone willing to contribute needs to contact me, please. We're also throwing around an idea about making a 30 minute weekly webcast staring the two killers to try to promote the project and give us some time to vent and relax during filming. More information as it develops.

DECEMBER 17th, 2005
I finaly got off my ass and reinstalled SHOUTcast. Why? Why not? Keeps me occupied from time to time. No regular schedule yet, still don't know if I'll actually have one or not, but check back and if I catch anyone listening in I'll make it a point to throw up some good content. Any requests? Find the link to the SHOUTcast station on the Contact page using the LISTEN link or bookmark this page: http://marr0w.answorld.com:1442/

NOVEMBER 16th, 2005
http://xsorbit26.com/users5/marr0wproductions/index.php is now http://marr0w.answorld.com/forum/. Why the change? Eh, I installed my own. I'll likely spend the rest of the week playing around with it's appearance now...

OCTOBER 24th, 2005
Major tweaks all around for the main site. Re-did the menus now that I know how to compress a page into a single table with a scroll bar. No idea why it took me so long to figure that out. *sighs* I did alot of reading up on HTML4.1 and all that. Catching up on everything I've missed over the past couple years is a project in itself. Then I researched some more CSS and PHP that I'd been neglecting. Redid alot of tables to let more things be controlled by the style sheet. Just, you know... general 'kickmyselfintheassforgettingrusty' sort of stuff. Sad part is, I'm still dying to RP, I just don't seem to have time... Oh, and I edited the counter to take longer before allowing a user to add to the number of hits. It seems to be moving up waaaay too fast...

OCTOBER 13th, 2005
Added the 'contact' page. Features a shout-box style "tag" program where anyone can post messages. The idea behind it is possible job offers, so here's hoping it works. Feel free to post if you'd like, but anything I consider to be questionable, rude, or otherwise offensive/degrading will be edited out and your ip address blocked. So, please. No drama. Beneath that is Blab! a php-chat program to get around java/port blocks on European servers so we can still communicate while people are at work. Mwa-hah-hah. My email address is also available on the contact page just for good measure. Finaly, I added in a counter in the top left corner (just above Death). It blocks refreshes for 15 minutes so hopefully we'll see an semi-accurate count of how often this page actualy gets visted.

OCTOBER 11th, 2005
So much for minor tweaking... redid the backgrounds for the menu and some smaller images, and did significant changes to the logo up at the top of the page to make it have more of a 'sketched' feel. Thank you Ashley for being my 'quality control' on the modifications. Now... if I can just start doing this stuff more regularly...

OCTOBER 10th, 2005
MAJOR OVERHAUL to the main site as my server is finaly set up for PHP and I've been experimenting. The nifty image being used for the background is a drawing of Death and Charon I've been working on at work to pass the time now that I've been moved to third shift. I'm not quite done with it at this time, so check my DeviantArt gallery for it once it's been completed. Still tweaking with the site for the time being so unannounced changes may occur over the next week. Speaking of which, the site now has it's home at http://marr0w.answorld.com. The beast returned at last and now gives me a DNS alias in exchange for the hosting it used to provide. Spiffy!

JUNE 27th, 2005
Long overdue updates to ChronoMUCK's site. (Of course I neglected to update when the site got overhauled last, so big official updates and stuff!) Added in a new row of menu options to explain the characters and background. Yay. I'm tired...

JUNE 21st, 2005
http://lavos.zapto.org/ opens!! Yay! Once more my files are online after the fall of http://www.answorld.com. My first attempt at hosting my own files... let's hope this goes well in the end...

MARCH 3rd, 2005
I decided to open a deviantART page for myself... this means I have a gallery now! Hurray! Weeee! Yay! Now I can quit spamming my other online web accounts to host my cruddy pictures. Enjoy!

FEBRUARY 27th, 2005
Started work on the very strange Lain - Knights site. Inspired heavily by some stray ideas I had for the Shrine of Akira that just seemed a bit too weird, even for it. Check it out, but don't take it for face value. Translations thanks to AltaVista's Babel Fish. Insomnia at it's best!!

FEBRUARY 24th, 2005
Weeeeee! I did something! I fixed the main Marr0w_Production's site to be (finaly) Netscape compatible! YAY!!! I also modified the weird Dairy Bar picture we took tonight from my car window and fixed it up as the strange NEWS image above, and I added the tv-static style background(s) for the menu and news pages. That's all I've done to this site... all my work lately has been involving the other projects, so I see no point of talking about them here. Additional: Let's see, later this same day I've gone in and modified the ChronoMUCK site, adding in some image links and some special thanks to various other sites. I actualy spent alot of time on those tiny little images at the bottom of the main page, but that's because I ended up giving up on the elaborate ones I was making and going with something much smaller and similar that took a hell of alot less time to make...

FEBRUARY 8th, 2005
Well, you know what I always say about boredom... it struck again. Now we there's a : symbol after certain links on the site to allow you to open the link in it's own window. How nifty is that? Oh, and I got me a new camera. Can you feel the evil approching? Finally, I began an 'Enormous Richard ~ Answers All Your Questions' site. I'll post it when I get more done to it.

JANUARY 4th, 2005
Happy New Year!! Finaly things are moving along. Gonna get a phone on the 10th, so that means... BACK ON-LINE!! WHOO! WHOO-HOO! ...well, sorta. I'll be online, yes. But phone? No, not really. One thing at a time. We're discussing get an emergency phone and a broadband connection seperatly. Which, would cut down on alot of crap, and allow me to get things back on the road. Finaly, the world gets to see the updates I've been working on while the connection's been absent. Oh, and I've been changing the little 2004's to 2005's on the sites where applicable. There's also even more projects on Sponges Are Scary. Boredom is a dangerous thing...

DECEMBER 22nd, 2004
I may not have an internet connection at the moment, but that's no excuse for me to sit on my ass. Searching for a project I went back to my neglected JtHM site and completly overhauled it. New images, a logo, a better name, I even showcased some of my NNY related projects. Most importantly I've added in even more logs finaly bringing the maniac to Judgement Night. A little bit at a time... So, say goodbye to MU* Characters: Johnny C. Say hello to Sponges Are Scary.

DECEMBER 5th, 2004
Ok, I'm content. I like the new menu beneath the logo. It's nothing awe inspiring, but it makes me happy. Also give me this nifty page to post info on the stupid crap I do to all my random sites. I dunno, I'm getting big on letting people know what's up. I opened a forum, a live journal, now this... what the hell is wrong with me? Anyways, the only problem thus far is if you use the LJ and forum links beneath the logo it won't let you log in. But, since I made it to make it easier for a user to browse, it kinda fits. Working on some sort of gallery next. I have all these sketches and what not that are just sitting around collecting virtual dust, I feel I should do something about that. But anyways. That's all from me! Weeeeee!

DECEMBER 4th, 2004
Working on expanding the site. Playing around with a few menu ideas for beneath the main logo. Mostly I'm just really, really bored...

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He is responsible for a number of random comics, drawings, websites, and videos - most of which can be found somewhere in the depths of this site. Jason has won several awards for artistic talent and is usually eager to collaborate on projects when asked. All of the websites linked to on the main menu of this site where created with notepad and most of them where done without any expectation of payment. If you'd like to consider having a website created for you, please contact him at marr0wproductions@gmail.com