Image used as inspiration for character: Diaduin Emepherea

Formerly known as ChronoMUCK, our game's world was expanded beyond the simple world of Chronos. It is now a massive number of fully conceived worlds with Twisted Street as it's hub. Players can create characters and live out their lives on worlds and universes complete with rich histories and unique locations, or go out and discover the vast existence around them. Twisted is a place where worlds and universes connect and almost anything can happen.

However, it's not all a free ticket. Certain worlds are isolated until they reach a level where they can join the rest of the multi-verse. Characters traveling back and forth between these worlds have to deal with forces like TASK, who dedicate themselves to preserving the integrity of these worlds to keep contamination to a minimum.

Even the forces of Hell have recently tried taking control of Twisted Street to plunge it's inhabitants into their dark secretive plans. With so many stories, worlds, and characters at their disposal, the players imaginations are free to run wild and no one is left alone and in the cold.

For more details about the places and people of Twisted simply visit our website or log on and speak with any of our helpful staff. Remember, there's a million stories to be told. It's up to you to write yours...

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