All dates listed as Pre-Spire(PS) or After Construction(AC)

5000PS Approximate date the Hallowed Halls were first started. First signs of civilization in Whitecliffs.
4500PS Approximate date of the start of the City of Ancients. Also approximate date of construction of the Guardian. Upsurge in technology after this time.
4000PS Earliest signs of habitation at what is now known as Cliffhome.
3500PS First signs of habitation at Midas' Wall.
3350PS According to legend this is the year the War of the Heavens started with the Night of the Falling Star. During this war a city was supposedly sunk beneath Crather Lake by the dark gods. War ends nearly thirty years later with the arrival of the seven warrior gods that come to aid the people.
3200PS The Hallowed Halls are abandoned. Archeological evidence points to this being the time when the radiation started in the area killing off nearly all life and warping the remainder. About this same time The City of Ancients abandoned. Traces show elevated levels of toxins in the area at the time. First record of Pirate raiders written at this time. Beginning of what is known as the Shadow Times. A dark age for the Country.
1502PS Athos, first King of Whitecliffs is born.
1485PS Athos unites divided factions of the kingdom for the first time in known history in an effort to push out the pirate raiders form the land.
1474PS Harbour Town is captured from the pirates. It is used as a base for a small naval fleet to protect the bay. Athos is maimed in the fighting preventing him form ever leading his armies again.
1470PS Foundations layed for the palace at what becomes the new Capitol. Called Medowview for the large Medow that can be viewed to the North.
1436PS Athos dies at the age of 66. His son Lengoyas assumes the throne after six months of mourning at the age of 24.
1425PS Lengoyas leads the desperate defence of the pass. The Pass is named Valour Pass in memory of the brave souls who held against the Horde.
1420PS Foundations laid for two bases. One at Valour Pass, the other at Marker Rock at the mouth of the harbour.
1403PS Lengoyas dies at 57 during the second defence of Valour Pass with no heir. Percini the Pious' ascends to the throne after assuming command at Valour pass and rallying the remaining defenders.
1402PS Official revival of the cult of the Warrior Gods. Percini declares crusade against the Heathen Hordes.
1392PS Crusade ens when Percini is killed in a siege against a heathen stronghold. His widow Celicia rules as Steward for their infant son Goidas.
1390PS Work begins on various shrines and temples across the land at Celicia's order.
1385PS Work begins on revamping the old temple now called the Hall of the Old Gods. Work continues after Celicia's death by her son Goidas.
1380PS Goidas starts the first of what will become a series of wars of expansion.
1214PS Whitecliff Empire reaches the limits of it's expansion.
1212PS Caladorn declares himself Emperor. Every king since has carried he title till the building of the Spire.
646PS Feyline Empire starts to press on the far shores of the Whitecliff Empire. Lead by powerful Magi and wielding strong magic they begin to overwhelm the far shores and fleets.
644PS Molg'ols using Thunder Dust' begin to push into the mountain realms to the south of Whitecliff.
543PS Strong neither in Tech or Magic the Whitecliff Empire is bushed back into the original boundaries. Emperor Fallor sues for peace with the Molg'ols and the Feyline.
540PS Meadowview falls to Feyline raiders. Palace is destroyed
538PS Start of the second Shadow times. Worship of the Warrior Gods falls off.
54PS Valon Decidro is born.
34PS Valon begins experimenting with both magic and tech at the college at Midas' Wall.
23PS Valon manages to meld magic and tech together through the use of crystals. Legend has it that it was revealed to him by the seven Warrior Gods while he was in the Hall of the Old Gods.
22PS Valon teaches his findings to others. A renaissance begins as the arts of magic and technology are melded together.
3PS Valon presents to the Emperor Solinoth plans for his masterpiece, the Spire.
1PS The plans are finished and construction begins. Construction takes ten years. On the day of activation Valon is said to have looked upon it and with his last breath said,"It is finished. At last, I sleep."
5AC The palace is rebuilt on the ruins of the old. The newly revived city is now called Spireton.
15AC While Feyline raiders remain a problem peace is reached with the Molg'ols. Trade through Valour Pass becomes common.
25AC The Marker rock naval base is rebuilt and upgraded.
30AC Valour Base commissioned again to act both as a checkpoint and as a defensive station against invasion.
50AC Bravo Davis makes the first flight in known history form the top of Cliffhome.
65AC Valour and Marker bases both upgraded for the use of powered aircraft.
72AV Seas around the Bay are secured agaisnt further Feyline raids. Deep sea fishing becomes viable as a source of food for the people of Whitecliffs.