Short explination of Spire. The Spire: the single most powerful technomancy artifact in existence. It is both the source of the kingdoms power and it's shackle. The spire sucks in energy form everything, containing the level of any form of attack and limiting it's strength as well as spill over power form all things. This energy then is used in different ways. One is that it is nearly impossible to die in the realm. You can be seriously hurt but you won't die, much as you might wish otherwise. Buildings, older ones at least, seem to have the same regenerative ability. The spire is also apparently invulnerable to any force inflicted on it. Anything at all that exerts a force of any sort on it is sucked dry. No one has even seen the inside workings since it was built and there are no surviving designs to tell how it was made.

Long explination: The spire is something that needs a topic all of it's own. Standing just over ten stories in height the base is no more than forty feet to a side of it's squar base. The sides are slightly concave as it rises to a tip and are carved it seems on all sides with runic script. The Spire could be said to be the heart of the land as all time is dated form it's building. Events before are measured as Pre-spire(ps) or after completion(ac).

The spire gains power it seems form any sort of force exerted in the land, kinetic, magical, biological, radiation. You name it seems to take it in and use it to power it's abilities. The main thing that it does in regards to people is that it regulates the power level of attacks and weapons. No matter the source or how powerful nothing more destructive than a good size fireball will ever work at full strength. You could still for example cast the Dragon slave and the damage would cover the same area, but the damage done to anything in the blast would be limited so that it was as if that had been made extra crispy.

The second thing that the spire does that affects most people is that it can heal those damaged in the realm. In effect other than old age it is nearly impossible to be killed. You might wish you did with the level of damage inflicted but you will heal at a fairly quick rate. The most sever damage usually only takes a couple of days while minor nicks and cuts often heal in minutes to hours depending on the extent of the damage.

The spire has other effects that are not so noticed by people. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions do not affect the area, the power having been drained off of these natural events. The land along certain lines radiating form the spire are noted to be exceptionally fertile. All in all it makes things very pleasant in the land.

Of course, some see the spire as a threat. It limits the most powerful of beings and keeps them in line. Some have tried attacking the spire and found it is quite capable of defending itself. As said, any force is drained off by the spire and no point is it more apparent than when something strikes it. Bullets lose all momentum. Energy beams vanish on contact. Explosives blow up with nearly a sound or flash against it's sides. Fists and feet stop dead on contact. Even just trying to push away does no good as that little kinetic energy is pulled away. If the power level is high enough though there is more of a response. Attacks stronger than a say, a grenade, will cause a beam of energy to flash back out striking along the same line as the attack came from.

The spire though is not infallible. Defensive spells still work at full strength and it does nothing to dampen armour. Only offense effects seem to trigger the drain and then only over a certian level. A small effect done repeatedly can often get the same effect as using a bigger one. Of course, that still doesn't mean your going to cause more than a certain amount of damage to a person(still no killing).

Halls of Light: Starting place for most that enter the world. Most come in through the variety of gates that line the halls, each often glowing slightly with the spill over of sunlight from beyond. The Halls of Light were created at about the same time as the Spire. Whether they are linked or not has never been proven. What the halls are though is a vast system of gates that belay the size of the building. The first view of the country is often of these halls as they find themselves suddenly walking along them towards the entrance.