The theory that there are parallel universes opens up vast realms of possibilities. Somewhere, in all the different realms there is every possible outcome, every possible world that anyone has ever thought or dreamt of. Somewhere though, many of them overlap and merge creating a realm all of it's own. It is in this realm that we find the country of Whitecliffs. A land that has since time immortal has been subject to the whims of the universe. Here, one could find remnants form just about any place or time. Where things can seem familiar and at the same time be very strange to your eyes. This is the world of Lost Era.

The world is rift with stories and their potential. As the nexus of many realms it is possible for anyone form anywhere to wind up here. Some how or another they find a crack or tear in their reality and manage to make their way here either by accident or on purpose. This is also a world unto it's self. Humans are common here as are other races, the Feyline(fay-lean) and the Molg'al(mole-gal). A long history has riddled the land with secrets and hidden wonders. To the explorer there is so much as for a person never to be bored of the possibilities. Ruins abound and legends as to their origin are many. So don your gear and get ready for a trip into this unique world.

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