There are three approaches to things in Lost Era(name of the MUCK). Magic, Technology and Technomancy. Technology and Magic work to do the same thing through very different means. Magic changes nature so that a object will do what is wanted. Technology actually changes the object until it is capable of doing what is wanted. Because the two work at different ends bring the two together without considering the effects can have caused everything form break downs to major explosions as the two means work against each other.

The third way is much more tricky. By considering how one things works with another it is possible to combine the two into an art known as technomancy. This takes bits form both schools of though and uses them to enhance what would other wise be minimum effects. The result is thins like fighters not needing as large of wings to stay airborne. Mecha are produced more as golems having a spirit interned in it's core as appose to a computer AI. Other than that, all three work very similarly and often have their counter parts in each other. Just don't take a laptop into a magic store or a wand into the local electronics boutique.